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About Us


Need to increase your financial status?

Let us do the hard work for you.
We are professionally trained, nationally certified, and bonded.


Prepare to buy a house!

Whether buying, or refinancing, your credit score is the #1 factor regarding approval. There are other factors, but the first thing done during a mortgage application, is pulling your credit.
With more than  25 years mortgage lending experience, we work hard for you, knowing this is the most important financial transaction of your life.
Step 1: Increase your credit worthiness.
Step 2: Meet with a Mortgage lender for pre-approval.
Step 3: Meet with a Realtor to shop for your new home!


Buying a new car!

Brand-spankin' new, or "new to you", if you will be financing your vehicle, your credit worthiness is used to determine your interest rate, which then dictates your monthly payment. The higher your score, the lower your interest and payment! We work hard for you because we know that it is awesome to work hard, then get into your cool ride at the end of your day. 

Better credit unlocks new possibilities for your financial future and can help you qualify for:

A new or better mortgage

Auto loans and financing

Personal loans

Home improvement loans

Personal and retail credit

Credit cards and new credit

A new or better job

Vehicle, home, and apartment rental leases

Better interest rates on loans and credit

Better rates on insurance and utilities

Lower monthly payments

Core Values

1. God First, then Family and Friends      
2. Foster Integrity, Growth & Knowledge      
3. Have Fun!
4. Create an Amazing Experience
5. Speed to Respond
6. Seek Wise Counsel
7. Respect, Listen & Stay Balanced
8. Committed to Serve
9. Consistent Communication
10. Family Focused
11. Radical Honesty & Transparency
12. Under-promise, Over-deliver
13. Knowledge is Potential...Know-HOW is Power